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Greetings to J.J. Cale... ;-)




You make my Fire burn


Lyrics: Helmut Marnet

Music: ?

Idea: Somewhere between Okie and the West Coast... ;-)



Feeling blue on a sunny day,

feeling cold in the night.

You are so far away,

I wish you were by my side.


Thinking of the days we had,

thinking of the nights with you.

Lying lonely on my bed,

there is nothing I can do.




You make my fire burn,

you make my life so sweet.

You make the whole world turn,

you make me feel the heat.



Dreaming of you, when you’re gone,

dreaming of you, when you’re far away.

I can feel it, you’re the one,

please, please come back and stay.


I hope you feel the same,

I hope you miss me, too.

I’ll take the next Aeroplane,

wanna be close to you.







© Helmut Marnet 2017