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Virtual Man


Lyrics: Helmut Marnet

Music: ?

Idea: Just heavy, not too slow



In the deepest night,

every day of the year,

I’m always ready to fight,

you can find me here.


I’ve got a big new screen,

got a brand new phone,

but I was never seen,

because I’m always at home.




I’m a virtual man

from a virtual town,

I’ve got virtual friends,

but there is no-one around…



I’m playing virtual games,

I’ve got a virtual wife,

I’ve got a virtual name

in my virtual life…


I’m acting some-one else,

playing a fancy Dude.

Don’t have to be myself,

I’m really feeling good.






Don’t watch the sun go down,

don’t know the girl next door.

I never thought about

what I am living for…




© Helmut Marnet 2017