Sleeve Notes...


Holidays in the Sun... very cool at the pool... ;-)




Mr. Beach


Lyrics: Helmut Marnet

Music: ?

Idea: Maybe the Sound of the 90's...



Standing at the deep blue sea,

sun is burning down.

Everybody looks at me,

when I walk around.


They are looking at my body,

they are watching all the time.

I am walking very slowly,

when they look, I’m feeling fine.



Refrain (Chorus, Women)

He’s so cool, he’s so cute,

Mister Beach, Mister Beach.

He’s so sexy, looking good,

Mister, Mister Beach...


Who is standing at the shore…?

Mister Beach, Mister Beach.

All the girls are looking for

Mister, Mister Beach…



I am walking down the pool,

see my new tattoo.

I’m so hot, I’m so cool,

all want is you.


I am looking in your eyes,

when I dance with you.

Feeling pretty high tonight,

do you feel it, too…?






Come on Baby, hold me tight,

love is all you need.

Do you feel the same tonight,

do you feel the heat…?




© Helmut Marnet 2017